Route 66 Classic 2015

"Hypersonic" driven by Barry Richter

“Hypersonic” driven by Barry Richter

After attended the Route 66 Classic in Joliet Illinois on August 15, 2015. I have to say, it was great! This event featured classic drag racing cars of 1960’s and 1970’s. It was really a tribute to classic drag racing. Gassers, Funny Cars, and rail jobs everywhere!

Sox and Martin

Who remembers the famous “Sox & Martin” Team? They were there, along with funny cars “Runaway” and “Solid Rock”. It was an absolute joy seeing these cars run down the track.

The Funny Car “Runaway” was by far the loudest car on the scene. The bleachers rumbled and shook with every pass down the drag strip they made. The fans including myself loved every second of it. I’m sure my hearing will be fine again by tomorrow.

Sitting in a Funny Car.

Sitting in a Funny Car.

funny car

I’m fine here, I’ll just watch the car, make sure nothing happens to it. Which button starts this baby?










I want to give a special thanks to the guys and girls of the “Solid Rock” Funny Car Team for allowing me to hang out with them in the pits, and for letting me jump in the cockpit of their race car. I never sat in a Funny Car before, and it was by far a memory I will never forget. And “Solid Rock” has the coolest burnout in drag racing today. It is their signature move. If you have never seen what a 1/8 mile burnout or longer looks like in a Earth rumbling Funny Car, you have to see the “Solid Rock” do it’s thing!

Solid Rock


The real highlight of the evening was Barry Richter’s “Hypersonic” Jet Funny Car. His Funny Car is propelled by a fire breathing jet engine, capable of speeds up to 280 miles per hour in a quarter mile! I got a chance to talk him for quite a bit. Barry Richter defines what drag racing is all about. He thoroughly enjoys every moment, never missing an opportunity to meet and greet a fan, take pictures and answer any question you may have. He is courteous, friendly, and by far one of the nicest professional drag racing drivers you could ever meet. A personal thank you to Barry Richter for allowing me to talk with him and answer all of my questions. He gave me some valuable advice as an amateur drag racer that I will never forget. I greatly appreciated every moment and it was an honor talking with him. Thank you.

Route 66 Classic 013                  Route 66 Classic 014


Hypersonic staging: I apologize for the video quality, but you can see the flames and hear what it sounds like.

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