2004-2006 GTO BMR Subframe Connectors Installation

Another successful day at the speed shop, compliments of “Straightline Performance” in Joliet IL. Special thanks to “Turbo Joe” for the awesome work and installation.

Today’s part installation was BMR Subframe Connectors:


Click here to view the product by visiting BMR Suspension

They are available in two colors, Black Hammertone, or Red. I went with the red ones to match the theme of my car. These are specifically designed for 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO. They are boxed style and do require welding. Here is the description from BMR:

 “BMR subframe connectors provide the ultimate in frame rigidity and add to the overall handling ability of the car. They are manufactured from 1.5″ x 2″ x .120″ rectangular tubing and laser-cut, 1/4″ mounting, and weld plates. The subframe connectors tie into 5 structural areas and provide 4 separate weld points. The rear mount replaces the factory suspension cradle mount allowing full accessibility to the cradle after the subframe connectors have been installed.”

Subframe connectors tie the frame together from the rear cross member/subframe bushing to the front frame just slightly behind the fenders. Its purpose is to strengthen the frame and make it more solid and rigid. This will prevent the frame from twisting or bending under heavy torque.


A few pics of how the installation was done:


Bolted in back, welded to the frame in the middle and front.

Typical shop workbench. Soda, tools, and a pack of smokes.

I also have the BMR Skid Plate installed, in red of course.


The Test Drive: You can really feel the effects of this part add-on. The car does not sway, the back end is definitely firmer, and the car just feels stiffer. It also gives peace of mind knowing the frame of the car is just that much stronger. The car doesn’t drive like a Cadillac, it feels like a race car. Just the way I want it! If I wanted a smooth ride I would have bought a luxury car.

Hope you enjoyed the installation. If you have a 2004-2006 GTO pushing some power, I highly recommend installing this product. Follow the above links in the article to get more information and for purchasing this product.

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