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Hello all Pontiac GTO enthusiasts!

I am starting a new section of this website dedicated to the public. I can’t expect everyone to just keep looking at pictures of my GTO when so many of you have GTO’s of your own. And since my ride is out of commission and waiting for a new engine, what better time to start showing off all of your rides, making me completely jealous!

So this section will be reserved for all of you GTO owners out there! Just submit a picture of your Goat, using the “Contact form, or send me an email at: info@markquitterracing.com, add a few comments and tell me what mods you have done, leave a name, where you are from, and/or any other information you would like to share. I’m accepting any year GTO. If it’s a GTO, we want to see it!

Only submit information about yourself and your car that you are comfortable with. I do advise you to blackout or hide your license plate before submitting pics. If you don’t have photo editing software to do this, I can do it for you before posting the picture.

For right now, I will be posting new GTO fan cars every month. As I receive more submissions, I may switch to every 2 weeks, and eventually reach the ultimate goal of weekly.

With that said, let’s get this show on the road!

Featured GTO of the Month

June 2020

Year: 2005
Color: Torrid Red
Owner: Darin Ropp
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Mods: 100% factory stock with 27,000 miles on the Odometer

Absolutely gorgeous and mint 2005 Pontiac GTO! Off the showroom floor with a 6.0 Litre engine rated at 400 horsepower along with a manual 6 speed T56 transmission. This vehicle has never seen rain or snow and is one of the cleanest GTO’s on the street. This picture is beautifully taken in front of a U.S.A. “Welcome Home Monument” in Albia, Iowa. American Muscle at its finest!

August 2018

Year: 2006
Color: Brazen Orange Metallic
Owner: Nicholas Harris
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Mods: Brian Tooley Stage 3 Cam, Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake, Milled 243 Cylinder Heads
August 2018

I call this picture a “Grazin’ Brazen!” Nicely shot picture from the rear of the vehicle while sitting in an open field. From the looks of the picture, I can tell it has some nice aftermarket wheels with a polished outer rim of the wheel. Nice 3″ exhaust tips, and an overall great-looking vehicle!

Congratulations Nicholas Harris for being this month’s featured GTO!

July 2018

Year: 2005
Color: Impulse Blue Metallic
Owner: Randall Smith
Transmission: 4L80E Automatic
Mods: 454 LSX Engine, 8.8 differential, Nitrous outlet plate & Fogger w/stand alone fuel system

I call this picture, “Smoke if you got em’!”

The tires are as smoking hot as this car! Running fat shoes on the back, skinny’s up front, and pumping out some serious power with that LSX engine accompanied by a Nitrous power adder. I think it’s safe to say Randall wouldn’t mind a sponsor to pitch in for some tires! Great car, love the mods. This Goat is pushing some serious power!

Congratulations Randall Smith for being this month’s featured car!

June 2018

Year: 2006
Color: Quicksilver Metallic
Owner: Jonathan
Transmission: 6 speed Manual
Mods: Cold Air Intake, MSD Intake Manifold, Stage 3 McLeod Racing Clutch, Magnaflow Racing Exhaust, Dyno Tuned
The Numbers: 430 rwhp and 415 ft/lbs torque

I call this picture “Goat in the City”. The 2006 Pontiac GTO came with a 6.0 Litre LS2 engine. The 2005 and 2006 models also came stock with 18″ (inch) wheels, versus the 17″ wheels the 2004 models came with. I also noticed this particular vehicle, Jonathan has added a splitter under the front bumper.

Congratulations Jonathan for being this month’s featured car! Looks awesome, love the mods, and at over 400 horsepower to the wheels, sounds like a fun ride to me.

May 2018

Year: 2005
Color: Torrid Red
Owner: Andrew
Mods: Stock +Chrome Wheels

In 2005 Pontiac assembled 2,179 Torrid Red GTO’s. These vehicles came stock with a 6.0 LS2 engine rated at 400 horsepower (at the crankshaft). In 2005 Pontiac also added the ram air hood, as well as the “split” dual exhaust coming out the rear of the vehicle, rather than the single-sided dual exhaust that was used in the 2004 models. Also in 2005, Pontiac introduced factory 18″ (inch)  wheels as opposed to the 17″ (inch) wheels offered on 2004 models. This vehicle has a black interior option.

Congratulations Andrew for being this month’s featured GTO. Absolutely a gorgeous car!


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  1. Brad May

    Go Randy!
    Fastest Goat in SC
    Very nice guy also

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