Hello drag racing fans and car enthusiasts! Welcome to Mark Quitter Racing. MQ Racing is owned and operated by Mark Quitter. We are a quarter mile auto drag racing team whose premier car is a Phantom Black 2004 Pontiac GTO. Drag racing is done legally on professional race tracks, not the street. Numerous modifications have been done to the car making it both safe and competitive.

Mark Quitter Racing races semi-professionally in the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals competing in the “Open Comp” class. Mark Quitter Racing’s home track is the infamous Route 66 Raceway in Joliet Illinois.



  • Promote “Safe Teen Driving”
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Develop a strong fan base via social media
  • Create strong media presence
  • Establish long term relationships with corporate partners
  • Secure funding for the 2020 NMCA Racing Season


Our mission is to win races, as well as promote extensive marketing for all those involved. Marketing campaigns include social networking, website ads, public appearances including racing events, apparel, and of course advertisement on the race car itself. Supporting a good cause, winning races, and having fun is what Mark Quitter Racing is all about!

How You Can Help
Aside from racing, Mark Quitter Racing will be accessible in bringing partners advertising to the public eye. During a sanctioned event thousands of spectators will see a sponsor’s advertisement.

Marketing via the race car, social networking, a website, flyers, magazines, etc. will return a partner’s advertising dollars ten-fold. It’s fun, creative and being part of racing is something people of all ages can enjoy.

The more wins Mark Quitter Racing earns, the more media coverage we will receive. As our team grows, we will continue to bring race fans the entertainment they deserve. Mark Quitter Racing will conduct itself in a professional manner, making it safe for the team and fun for their fans and the spectators that come to see them race.

Constant upkeep of the vehicle is needed to keep it safe for the driver, competitive, and fun to watch. Everybody loves a winner, and we race to win! Partners and donations will help keep Mark Quitter Racing in the winner’s circle.

Corporate Partnership helps back the team financially as well as individual donations. Corporate partners can share the winning excitement by placing advertising on the vehicle as well as advertising in the pit area where the car is parked while waiting to race. The pit area is open to the public allowing greater advertising exposure during a racing event.