2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Service Manual – Free!

Need a service manual for your 2004-2006 Goat? I have it for you in .pdf format! This manual is complete with torque specs, parts breakdown, repairs, service, and everything a mechanic needs to know. This service manual is a GTO owner’s bible. I don’t do a single repair without looking up torque specs, you shouldn’t either. I am offering this to you absolutely for free! I hope you find this useful, and any donations would be much appreciated. Thank you for your support.

DOWNLOAD (.pdf format):
 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Service Manual – Google Drive
2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Service Manual – DropBox

The service manual is available through Google Drive or DropBox. You do not need a Google Drive account to download the file. Simply click the link above and download the file. The download is a .zip file. Just download the file to your computer, extract the files, and enjoy! All the extracted files will be in .pdf format, as well as a few images included in the file.

Update: I added to the service manual jacking diagrams, key programming, parking brake adjustment, and a few other items. File updated on 04/20/21

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  1. James

    Submitted on 10/16/2022 at 1:49 am

    Hey can’t download 2004 05 gto service manual in drive it says too big to scan, there’s an option to download anyway but I don’t want to mess up my phone or anything else, is there another way to get free service manual? Please help,

    1. Replied on 10/15/22 11:55 am

      I see what you are saying. I corrected the problem by adding the link to the DropBox folder as well, giving you a choice to download from Google Drive or DropBox. Both are safe and virus free at the time of being uploaded to the cloud service. Here is the link to the DropBox:


      1. Melanie Montique

        Submitted on 12/27/22 at 11:14 pm

        Thank you for this. This saves me so much hassle of having to deal with these mechanics as most of this stuff I can fix myself and only needed the documentation. Much appreciated!

  2. Matthew Avila

    Thank you for this. You’re my hero.

  3. Richard Cummings

    I have the original paper copies but this is much easier and quicker to use. However, I did find that some pages did not transfer well to PDF. For example, the trouble shooting chart section in the cooling section has some parts overlaying other parts which makes it hard if not impossible read some portions of those sections.

    1. Your review is correct. Some of the pages do overlap on some sections and are hard to read. Fortunately there are very few sections like that. Thank you for your comment and review.

  4. Raul

    2006 6 speed gto

  5. Joseph Allen

    Thanks for the free download of the 2004-2006 GTO service manual, what a great thing to do! It’s a awesome manual! I use it all the time. Keep up the good work, your info on GTO’s is sure a big help!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate it. I agree, I use that service manual on a regular basis. Just finding the proper Torque Specs on what ever service job you are doing, is worth its weight in gold.

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