2004-2006 GTO Factory Radio Code

Need the code for your factory 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Blaupunkt radio? Hopefully, I have the answer!


The factory radio/stereo requires a code to unlock all of the features and operate the radio. Many owners have had the factory radio cd player/changer break on them, causing cd discs to no longer play or even become permanently stuck inside the radio. Purchasing a used radio to replace the broken one is the easiest fix. There are many available online through websites such as eBay and CraigsList. These radios can easily be replaced using removal tools. Unfortunately for a used radio from another 5th Generation GTO to work in your vehicle, you will need the code to unlock the radio and use its features. Luckily there is a website to find and locate the code for the factory radio using the serial numbers.

Follow these steps to replace your factory 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO radio with a used radio from another vehicle:

  1. Remove your factory radio using the removal tools. Tools can be purchased here: https://gtog8ta.com/04-06-gto/04-06-gto-radio-removal-key-tool/

  2. DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW RADIO REPLACEMENT YET! On the new radio, be sure to write down the serial numbers of the radio. You will find the numbers on the stickers on the back of or on top of the radio housing. The serial number will start with “BP 2258 X XXXXXX”, the “x’s” being a series of numbers. Should be 12 numbers.
    Now the fun part! There are two resources to get the code for your Blaupunkt factory GTO radio using the serial numbers as described above. My first choice is here: http://1337vending.com/radiocode/ This website works for American vehicles and should spit the code out and work for you just fine. Enter your serial number and receive the 4 digit code for your Blaupunkt radio. My second choice if the above link does not work is here: http://ukbookshelf.co.uk/gto This is guaranteed to work with money refunded if unsuccessful. The price is affordable and will save you hours of headaches. Be sure to write down your radio 4 digit code, and proceed to the final step.
  3. Install the new replacement radio. Gently push the radio into place and you will feel and hear the radio snap into place. Turn the radio on and enter the 4 digit code using the numbered 1-6 buttons under the LCD screen. Enjoy!
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