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All 5th Generation owners want to know how to activate the shift light that is built into the tachometer on the dashboard! Read below how you can do this yourself, at home, using nothing more than your Windows-based laptop and a USB to OBD1 cable.

Ever wonder what that little circle is that never lights up at the end of the tachometer? That is the shift light that was disabled from the factory. Want the shift light working on your 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO? You can reprogram the instrument cluster yourself to turn on that shift light and more by downloading the VZ ClusterMod program below. The program will do all of the following:

* Activate Factory Shift light
* Custom shift light activations for all manual and automatic transmissions (choose your RPM)
* Custom startup logo including “Holden”, “HSV”, “Pontiac”, and more
* Custom text when the ignition is turned off
* Turn off Daytime Running Lights light
and more……

Note: You do not need to pull the instrument cluster out of your vehicle. The programming can be done from inside your car, using a laptop computer and an OBD to USB cable.

You now can reprogram the instrument cluster yourself and have that shift light on the dashboard working! The program will also clear the “airbag” fault light that will be activated if you have removed the driver or passenger seats. The airbag light can only be cleared through the OBD plug. Disconnecting the battery will not clear the code. Don’t pull out your instrument cluster and pay the high price of activation and shipping. This service costs as much as $130 online and you have to ship the instrument cluster. Now you are out a lot of money, and have a car that you can’t drive until you get the cluster back!

Below you will find all the instructions to work with the downloaded program. All instructions and documentation are enclosed in the download.



  1. Purchase a USB to OBD1 16 pin cable. I recommend purchasing a quality product that will ensure a perfect connection between your laptop and the OBD plug in the vehicle. You do not want some kind of error to happen during programming because of an intermittent connection.

    The cable can be purchased from OBD Diagnostics, Inc. Phone (310)793-2410 or Click on the link to view the cable and how to purchase: http://aldlcable.com/products/aldlobd2u.asp
  2. Download the VZ Cluster Mod program below. Must have Windows (7,8, or 10) Operating System device. Download the program to somewhere on your device where you would like it to be and easily accessible. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THE PROGRAM. Simply placing the folder on your Widows-based machine will work. There is nothing to install on your machine. The program simply uses a combination of MS-DOS and Python drivers to read the dash panel of your vehicle.

    DOWNLOAD (Windows 7, 8, or 10 only) .zip format:
    VZ ClusterMod – 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Instrument Cluster Programmer
  3. Un-zip and the VZ ClusterMod folder using WinZip, 7-Zip, or whatever program you use to extract .zip files. ONCE YOU HAVE EXTRACTED THE FILE, DO NOT EXTRACT THE “LIBRARY” FILE IN THE EXTRACTED VZ CLUSTERMOD FOLDER! DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THE FILES IN THE FOLDER! 
  4. Read all the documentation enclosed starting with the “READ ME” file. All the instructions you will need are enclosed in the “READ ME” files and “Instructions” folder. Follow the directions carefully. I have used this program several times, and I have never had an issue or problem. I want you all to experience the same. 
  5. With the car off, Plug the USB side of your cable into your laptop. Plug the OBD plug end into the OBD port under the dashboard. Open the VZ ClusterMod program on your laptop (VZ ClusterMod for the instrument cluster, VZ AirBag to turn off the Air Bag fault light), turn the ignition key to the ON position, and follow the instructions per the enclosed instructions file.

For a complete online list of the instructions and for the origin of the VZ ClusterMod, visit this website: http://1337vending.com/vzclustermod/

Note: I hope you found the information contained on this website useful. Many hours of time and research have gone into building this website. Please feel free to donate to Mark Quitter Racing. Donations will be used to pay for website services or for any other practical use per your request which can be filled out using the PayPal donation link. There is no minimum amount, and your contribution is greatly appreciated. Donate here.



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  1. James P Grigsby

    Is there a difference between a manual and auto cluster?

    1. Excellent question. There is no difference between a manual and automatic instrument cluster. Both use the same cluster so the program will work for both automatic and manual transmissions. I personally have a 2004 Automatic and a 2006 Manual and have used this program on both vehicles without any issues. Appreciate the question and thank you for visiting the website.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Just contacting you about having my shift light turned on in my 05 GTO.

  3. Benito estrada

    Hay mark how do you reset the airbag fault code and you do you do using the same system you used to Activate the factory Shiftlight?

    1. Yes, the same program will activate the shift light as well as re-setting the air bag fault light. Follow the links in the replies to download the software. Thank you for your question.

  4. Nick

    Where in Chicago are you located? I would like to get mine turned on. I’m in schiller park

    1. I deeply apologize for this very late reply. If you would still like the shift light on your GTO turned on, along with a few other minor changes, please send me an email. I’m thinking maybe I can meet you at “Strats” or even at Route 66 Raceway one night during a test and tune. Would have to be in about 6 weeks though. Summer is coming!

  5. Chris maness

    Hi my name is Chris I have a 2004 Pontiac GTO with a few mods and I want to get my shift light working I can’t stand it being there and not doing nothing so what would I do I live in Minden Louisiana

    1. Hi Chris. Please check out the comments I posted below. The hardest part of the whole process if finding the OBD2 cable to run from your laptop to the PCM of the vehicle.

      Visit: http://1337vending.com/vzclustermod

  6. Jirka

    Hi Mark,

    I’m from Czech Republic (Europe) and I want enable on my 04GTO a serial shift light on dashboard. It’s possible to do this on this long distance? What I need for enable shift light by my side if you send me some “program” or something? You may write to my email: tiscali(a)tiscali.cz

    Thanks a lot for answer


    1. Hi there. You can get the program from this website:

      You will also need a OBD2 Cable with a USB port to run the program from your laptop or tablet. You can purchase a cable from here:

      Follow the instructions and enjoy!

      The reason I offer this service for Pontiac GTO owners in my area, is for those who do not own the appropriate OBD2 cable and for those who just are not comfortable with running the program on their vehicle. I assure you it is perfectly safe and the program will not effect your PCM and how the car runs or is tuned. The program is strictly for the dashboard instrument cluster programming.

      1. Jirka

        Hi Mark,

        thanx a lot. Finally I have a cable and in VZCLUSTERMOD when I connect (open com3) via COM3 (see that this is USB/RS232), then program tell me when I write “read 9” that “no heartbeat detected!”. So I try type “listen” and then car send me some comunication. Do you know, where is problem with “no heartbeat”? I try type “read 1” till 8 but everything with the same end… “no heartbeat detected!”

        Thanx a lot for your answer


        1. Hello Jirka. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your question.

          I am by no means an expert with VZCLUSTERMOD program. I did not write the program, but I do use it and it does work. The program uses MS-DOS, so it should work with any PC and Microsoft Operating Systems. I too also had to try a few times to get the program to read the heartbeat on the car PCM when I first used it, so that is not unusual.

          Make sure you have an OBD2 cable with a USB. Read the directions carefully which can be found here: http://1337vending.com/vzclustermod/

          Make sure your computer is working properly. I’m assuming you are using a laptop. If you still can not get the program to work, try running VZCLUSTERMOD on a different laptop. The laptop just reads what on the PCM of the vehicle. I’m sure there is nothing wrong with your vehicles computer, so it is just a matter of getting the laptop to read the PCM on the car. Re-start your laptop several times if you have to and try the process again.

          Hope this helps.

  7. Robert

    Mark can you change a stick cluster to an auto cluster?

    1. Unfortunately no I can not. My apologies for the late reply. Thank you for your comment.

  8. Brandon

    Hello i am about to buy a brand new cluster because my original took a crap , i have a 04 gto and would rather get the 05-06 cluster for the increased redline and ive read they are able to swap , S o my question is would you be able to program it from ground up along with the upgrades? mileage transmission type, whatever else it needs?

    1. Hello and thank you for visiting my website and for your question. Unfortunately the answer is no, I can not fully reprogram the instrument cluster. The software I have is just a simple program to turn on the shift light and change the greeting when you turn the vehicle ignition to the on position. Also the cluster needs to be in the car, so I apologize if this was not what you are looking for. The programming is really just advertised for the locals in the Chicagoland area that can I can meet locally for a fun and quick programming of the dash cluster.

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