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  1. Bryce - Low Coolant Light Question

    Hey I have a low coolant sign on my cluster that won’t go away and the coolant is completely full with no air in lines I know this because I have filled the car correctly with the gto manual. Any ideas???

    1. Hi there and thank you for visiting.

      More than likely it is one of these two things.

      1) Just a “hiccup” in the system. The PCM is not reading the coolant level is full. Disconnect the wiring harness from the coolant reservoir sensor. Make sure it is clean, re-connect it making sure it snaps/clicks in place, see what happens. I doubt this will be the case, because if you just disconnect the wiring harness from the sensor, it should turn the warning light off.

      2) Low coolant sensor in the reservoir tank is sticking. The low coolant level sensor unfortunately is built into the coolant reservoir tank. Only way to replace it is to replace the reservoir tank. Even though you can’t replace it, you can clean it. So, remove the reservoir (after draining it of course), clean it out really well (its ok you use a little dish soap), rinse it out really well, put back on the car, see what happens.

      My guess is Number 2 will fix the problem. These cars are pushing 12-14 years old. If the coolant system has never been flushed or cleaned before, it is probably time. I’m sure the coolant reservoir has some unwanted gunk, dirt and grime in it, which could very possibly give a false low coolant reading.

      If all of this fails, you can always just dis-connect the wiring harness from the coolant reservoir sensor to turn the light off. The after market reservoirs don’t even come with a low coolant sensor, so you would just leave this dis-connected anyways.

      Hope this helps.

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