BCM Wiring Harness Repair

On the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO there is a notorious problem with the wiring harness. The Body Control Module (BCM) wiring harness is located right behind and slightly below the passenger side glove box. Unfortunately, the wires coming off the BCM are sitting right on a structural piece of metal that can cause rubbing on the wires. This rubbing is known to slowly wear away at the wires’ protective insulation and could possibly cut through to the wire causing an electrical short. The BCM wiring harness repair is an easy and simple solution to this problem.

If this happens it will cause havoc on the electrical system of your vehicle. What does a Body Control Module (BCM) control? The automotive central body control module (BCM) is a processor-based power distribution center that supervises and controls functions related to the car body such as lights, windows, security, door locks and access control, and various comfort controls.

Below you will find a video explaining how to correct this problem. Now personally, and just in my opinion, you do not need to go to the great lengths as explained in the video. Simply examining the wires and wrapping the wire with additional electrical tape right over the factory wrap should cushion the wires enough. I do agree with wrapping the wires further down to prevent any exposed wires from rubbing on anything they shouldn’t be. If you want to go the full route, the video does an excellent job of explaining what to do.

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