Front Wheels Vibrate While Braking

When you apply the brakes, does your steering wheel vibrate left and right or you feel vibrating coming from the front end? This is actually a common problem with the GTO, which can be easily fixed.

Radius Rod BushingsThe factory radius rod bushings are extremely soft and fluid filled. The result is excessive suspension movement and vibrating pedal feel upon braking. The factory bushings prematurely wear, which may also cause your tire alignment to constantly be off and possibly cause the tire to rub on the front strut while turning.

Replacing the radius rod bushings is a must for all 2004-2006 GTO owners. This can easily be done by yourself with fairly simple tools.

Radius Rod Bushings Adjustable


First thing you will want to do is buy the replacement bushings which can be purchased from here:
 Kollar Racing Radius Rod Bushings – Adjustable


  1. Jack the front end of the car up and place on jack stands.
  2. Remove the center nut first using a 24mm wrench or socket. Use a propane torch on the nut first to loosen the factory thread lock.
  3. Remove the (4) mounting plate screws
  4. Remove bushing, save washers, place the old bushing assembly in the garbage where it belongs
  5. Download these install instructions: GTO Radius Rod Settings Adjustable. Use the +3/4 castor setting when setting your new washers
  6. Use the grease packet supplied with the new bushings. Be sure to grease the internal bore of bushing per installation instructions. Install new radius rod bushing assembly using the +3/4 castor setting.
  7. Install radius rod nut. Do not tighten yet!
  8. Install (4) mounting plate nuts. Tighten to 17 ft/lbs
  9. Tighten radius rod nut to 109 ft/lbs
  10. Take car off the jack stands, go for a drive, and enjoy!
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