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Showcasing the final years of the Muscle Car that changed the American automobile forever. History of the Pontiac GTO, Production numbers for 2004-2006 GTO’s, and more.

Sport Appearance Package (SAP)

History of the Sport Appearance Package All factory production Pontiac GTO’s were shipped with the standard appearance package. In 2005, a “Sport Appearance Package” (SAP) was introduced to give GTO owners a new look to their vehicle. This SAP package would be a dealer add-on at an additional cost to be installed. The included parts …READ MORE

GTO In Film

Below you will find various videos and screenshots that feature the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO in film. This can include movies, television shows, and television commercials where a 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO is spotted on camera. I have found these clips and screenshots from internet research, and I hope you enjoy seeing them. I have put the …READ MORE

5th Gen Pontiac GTO Posters

Looking for some 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO posters? I found these posters and images to be the best quality and best representation of our 5th Generation Pontiac GTO’s. These posters can be purchased directly from the GM Photo Store and they are exact duplicates of the images General Motors used to promote these vehicles. Images are …READ MORE

Pontiac GTO Of The Month

Hello all Pontiac GTO enthusiasts! I am starting a new section of this website dedicated to the public. I can’t expect everyone to just keep looking at pictures of my GTO when so many of you have GTO’s of your own. And since my ride is out of commission and waiting for a new engine, …READ MORE