Rockett Brand Racing Fuel ET Bracket Series – ET Bracket Race 9

Route 66 Raceway, Joliet Illinois – Another fun day at the race track as usual. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a bad day at the race track. Today was the final race of the season for Rockett Brand Racing Fuel ET Bracket Series. Brings a tear to my eye knowing the racing season is coming to an end and so is summer.

I’m not really a picture taking, constantly posting everything I see kind of guy, but when I do see something that deserves a look, you can be sure I’m on it. Here’s a couple of pics I snapped while I was there.

For you old enough to remember the era of the “Rat Rod”, here’s a good one! It’s wild, it’s cool, and “Rat Fink” himself would be proud to take a ride in this baby!

  • Rule #1 – Don’t ever, ever, ever, paint your “Rat Rod” a pretty color
  • Rule #2 – Make it as fast and mean looking as you can
  • Rule #3 – Miscellaneous parts are your friend


This is probably the coolest paint job I have ever seen on a race car. The car is a Chevy Corvette, and you will notice on the side of it there is a picture of money engulfed by flames. This couldn’t be more true about a race car, but going fast costs money.  I got a chance to talk to the driver of this vehicle and told him how much I loved the paint, he replied with this;

“My father told me when I was young that a race car is a black hole of money in which there is no return. We don’t race to get rich, we race because we love it!”

Well said sir, well said!


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