No Prep Kings – Cordova, IL

August 7, 2021

I attended the Street Outlaws “No Prep Kings” at Cordova International Raceway. This was my first time at a Street Outlaws event, and I was extremely impressed with how well it was run. The pit area is completely open to the public for a chance to visit with the Street Outlaws. Racers in attendance were Jeff Lutz, Kamikaze, Doc, Kye Kelly, Chuck, Ryan Martin, Lizzy Musi, along with “Stinky Pinky”, and a handful of other non 405 racers.

Every racer had a wonderful set-up pit area complete with a vending area to purchase the souvenirs they offer. The items for sale were reasonably priced in my opinion and well worth the price of admission to pick up items that you will only find at a “Street Outlaws” event.

The main attraction for me was of course was getting a peek at Jeff Lutz and that wicked Pro Mod GTO. Here are some pics of the car:

Lastly, there was no way I was leaving without picking up some Jeff Lutz Pro Mod GTO gear. The shirt is beautifully detailed showing off true GTO pride. And the hat is just plain cool. Utilizing the GTO badging to match the GTO shirt.

You can visit Jeff Lutz Race cars on FaceBook by clicking here.

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